Mara Sánchez-Renero – ‘iluikak’

Mara Sánchez-Renero’s series ‘iluikak’ (in the sky) – a work in progress in “an attempt to breach the conventions of an assumed identity and explore a new state of consciousness.

I am interested in finding places that allow me to create settings in which I can explore the instability of the human condition. In isolating men and women from their everyday contexts and instead portraying them within the space of their imaginary fabrication, the space of their mythical existence, we can witness the dissolution of constructed identity and thus confront what’s uncertain about human nature.”

Mara Sánchez-Renero - iluikak

Mara Sánchez-Renero – iluikak


“The Nahua people of the Sierra of Zongolica in Veracruz, Mexico, are an indigenous community primarily dedicated to agriculture and the practice of religious customs, in which ancestral traditions that keep them connected to nature remain an important part of their particular identity. My intention is to photograph the sierra and its inhabitants, using different light sources to create a point of clarity and focus within an uncertain environment. I work with light to trace and depict a certain symbology in a search for evocations of the human.”