Kathrin Linkersdorff – ‘Wabi Sabi’

Kathrin Linkersdorff – Wabi Sabi


Kathrin Linkersdorff’s series ‘Wabi Sabi’ – “portraits of withered flowers standing out from a deep black where only the shine that radiates from their colours, bestow them with a beauty which, at the height of their bloom, they perhaps never possessed, and thus appear to be more alive than ever.

The series focus is on the relationship between shine and darkness in a search for the play of shadows that literally unfolds between the colours and forms of the image. The space in-between is the true bearer of meaning. When we look at the photographs, Kathrin Linkersdorff empowers us to immerse ourselves in a WabiSabi process”.

“…Lacquerware decorated in gold is not something to be seen in a brilliant light, to be taken in at a single glance; it should be left in the dark, a part here and a part there picked up by a faint light.” (Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, essay “In Praise of Shadows”)

Source – extracts from article by Daniela NicklasArt historian M.A, translated from German by Dr. Helen Adkins

Kathrin Linkersdorff – Wabi Sabi