Isabelle Levistre – ‘Arbor Essence’

Isabelle Levistre‘s ‘Arbor Essence‘ – fusion of a body and a tree as a vision of our identity and our different human stories.

Arbor Essence is an organic vision of our identity, our roots. What we wear throughout our life journey and our family history. This and also a need to be closer to our connection to the Earth. The tree as a symbol of life, drawing its strength, its roots within this battered land .The tree resistant, fits, bark knotted, overgrown with brambles, open bites roots but vital force and porter of the memory location. Overprinting with the back spine of the human being and symbol of the house of the individual. Human stories are different, the readings also. Two things can not they do that? Fusion of a body – a woman, anonymous, back, faceless, identity, and the tree – nature, impetuous, rough, torn … And if instead of trying to turn us into beings physically perfect, we were leaving show what is our essence, our identity? Regardless of aesthetic research but just be who we are, of changing beings connected to the essence of the life and times of our human memory.”

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Isabelle Levistre – Arbor Essence