Huntington Witherill – ‘Orchestrating Icons’

Huntington Witherill’s series ‘Orchestrating Icons’ – recording the rhythms in nature through observation of the light.

“As a photographer with a background in design, what I do is to try to intellectualize in my head what is it about what I’m looking at that causing me to take notice of it. It might be a gesture of line, some repetitive series of light and shadow that create some sort of a symmetrical condition. I’m trying to zero in on exactly what that is and eliminate everything else out of the frame, to simplify and to distill it.”

Huntington Witherill - Orchestrating Icons

Huntington Witherill – Orchestrating Icons


“I think Edward Weston referred to it as the flame of recognition where you are out in the world and you have this kind of connection with whatever it is that you are photographing that doesn’t happen all the time but it required that you kind of be out there looking all the time in order to catch those moments and it’s not just about a moment in time. It’s actually about a connection between your recognition of whatever it is you are looking at in the particular situation that is occurring at that very moment.

You have to open your mind and let the photographs find you.”