Gail Albert Halaban – ‘Out My Window’

Gail Albert Halaban’s project ‘Out My Window’ ”refers to what neighbors see through their neighbors’ windows in the cities of the world. The windows are fragile borders between the familiar and the unknown, between the rushing noises of the city and the timeless quiet of private lives. Set within the context of rising city populations and a global construction boom, the photographs present a portrait of how strangers live amongst strangers and the challenges of creating communities, relationships, and areas of privacy. The urban experience became the focus of my work, a way to share my realization that even alone, we need never be lonely. The process of making the photographs connects neighbor to neighbor, creating community against the loneliness and overpowering scale of the city. With the evolution of imaging and communications technology, the project has a renewed energy as I expand from my NewYork home to the cities of the world.”

Gail Albert Halaban - Out My Window, Istanbul

Gail Albert Halaban – Out My Window, Istanbul