Emilie Hudig – ‘No title’

Emilie Hudig’s series ‘No title’ – in a personal quest of portraying the modern Dutch nobility.

“Why did I choose this subject?  Because both my grandfather and my mother are of the nobility. I am not. Because of the fact that this subject does not seem to play a role in my life. Because I realized that I do not know much about nobility. Because I am curious about what nobility actually entails.  What does it mean nowadays?”

In 1994 the Dutch government has abolished the right to become a part of the nobility. Except for the Royal family nobody can obtain a title. In the Netherlands about 300 families are of noble descent and these families theoretically can become extinct.

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Emilie Huding – ‘No’ Title


“In this project I was dealing with a group of people who would rather not be photographed. If you are from the nobility you keep it to yourself. You don’t make it public to everyone. How can I make portraits of a group of people who would rather not participate? I decided to work with a Polaroid SX70. A charming, old fashioned camera which instantly produces photographs. No reason for mistrust, because the person who was photographed could, on the spot, see the picture. No big camera in between myself and my subject. Proximity, but the quality of the photographs is picturesque and detached. The distance which is appreciated so greatly by this group of people.”