Ellen Carey – ‘Struck by Light, Dings and Shadows’

Ellen Carey’s series ‘Struck by Light, Dings and Shadows’ – abstract large-scale photograms without a subject, any reference to a place, person or object but emphasizing color in bold and bright compositions adding feeling and form.

“Color is subject and object, material with meaning, process within the art. This gives my work context in the short history of color photography… My palette of RGB=YMC is photographic color theory; it underscores my concept, giving context to the rich-content laden “shadow” that partners with the “ding,” a photographic taboo.”

Ellen Carey - Struck by Light Dings and Shadows

Ellen Carey – Struck by Light Dings and Shadows


“Abstraction in photography and lens-based art presents a contradiction in terms, and minimalism presents a further oxymoron. Well developed in the 20th century in other areas — Abstract Expressionism, Minimal, Conceptual Art — abstraction and minimalism in lens-based art are emerging even as the first decade in the 21st century closed. It is here, in the early stages of modern and contemporary art with its roots in photography, that my work has a context”