Daniel Mariotti – ‘Hello, Sunshine’

Daniel Mariotti’s series ‘Hello, Sunshine’ – 31 photographs taken over 31 days of journaling capture the fluctuation of how I experience depression. Even on my best days, where the world appears most vivid and colorful, depression is ever present … . It’s important to note that depression is not sadness. Sadness is a fleeting emotion tied to circumstance. Depression makes me view things indirectly; much like the photographs from this series, my focal point is a white cloud and the details are in the peripherals making it harder to see the landscape. Other days it almost blends in seamlessly… The way we perceive our world is affected by masses, both physical and emotional, that operate like gravity, pulling our attention to it, forever altering the way we interact with the world around us. Hello, Sunshine draws from Einstein’s theory of relativity, exploring the gravity of depression.”

Daniel Mariotti – Hello, Sunshine


The series is accompanied by poems and is published in a photo book.

Source – artist statement.