Christopher Russell – ‘The Explorers’

Christopher Russell‘s ‘The Explorers’ – with an abstract approach to the genre of landscape, via scratching, drawings and painting, a series that transforms Carleton Watkins’ vision of the Columbia River Gorge into a luminous transcendent experience.

The title is inspired from the transformative role of technology and scientific knowledge upon people’s imaginaries and primitive fears, and especially the photography and the new way it offered to conceive the reality and the sense of wonder it evokes to the mind in a quest of answers to the constant questions what new it might hold.

Christopher Russell - The Explorers

Christopher Russell – The Explorers


“When I photograph in the Columbia Gorge, the same area that held Watkins attention 160 years prior, I fuck up the image before the light even hits the lens, resulting in images that are fuzzy, hazy, or just intellectually negotiable. I use that ambiguity as a starting point for my own imaginary vistas… And these are explorations, given the breadth of knowledge facing an artist in the 21st century, this is a way of asking what’s more.”