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Reylia Slaby – “Tales from Japan”

Reylia Slaby dealing with her mixed emotions in on-going series ‘Tales from Japan

Though the young photographer Reylia Slaby would be technically classified as Caucasian, she was born and raised in Japan. “While I had a lot to be thankful for growing up in Japan, being Caucasian made me a glorified visitor. My home was not fully my home because of how I looked.”

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Reylia Slaby – Tales from Japan

Mona Kuhn – “Private”

Mona Kuhn‘s series “Private“.

“The desert’s seductive threat is always there. It menaces from the edges. Look at the signature image of this book, a dusty room glimpsed out of focus through a glass door bearing the words ‘PRIVATE’ in reverse. A view of sultry enigma, a chamber beyond which the brightness of the sun is coming to devour everything and take the mystery with it.”

‘Stardust’ by David Campany (an essay written for Mona Kuhn’s book PRIVATE, to be published by Steidl in Spring 2014)

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Mona Kuhn – Private

Zoe Kimpton – “They and Theirs”

Zoe Kimpton‘s series ‘They and Theirs

They and Theirs is a series of illustrative portraits that depict the subjects as imagined characters. Matched to particular objects they pose within a constructed environment. In a painterly fashion the portraits a styled according to a delicate pastel palette. Surreal elements and a sense of the bizarre blur the edge between fantasy and reality. Quirky aesthetic and subtle humour also come into play throughout the series.

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Zoe Kimpton – They and Theirs