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Jonathan Singer – ‘Botanica Magnifica’

Jonathan Singer’s project ‘Botanica Magnifica’ – macro photographs of rare flowers and plants as a union between natural history and fine art.

“Botanica Magnifica seem to be alien life forms but really are true treasures of our home planet. As an artist, I capture the mystical energy that lies below the surface of the natural world. In the end we see not the infinite diversity of life, but rather we steal a glimpse into creation itself.”

Jonathan Singer - Botanica Magnifica

Jonathan Singer – Botanica Magnifica


“I’m trying to give the world a message, to warn the world that the ecosystems and food chains are breaking down. Hopefully, through this marriage of art, people will want to know the science. People say that’s so beautiful. What is it? Where is it from? What would we see in them if we didn’t know where they came from? Clouds? Fires? Waves? Landscapes? Galaxies? They start asking questions”

Set against a dark background and taken in low light, the flowers look suspended in space. Singer’s photographs have been compared, at least in style, to the works of Brueghel, Vermeer and Rembrandt because “they handle light better than anyone else ever did.”

“I started looking at flowers because of Jan Brueghel the Younger. In the rooms in his paintings there were flowers, and they were beautiful. In fact, that grabbed my attention more than anything else in the paintings—the lighting and the flowers.”


Jonathan Singer - Botanica Magnifica

Jonathan Singer – Botanica Magnifica


Two hundred and fifty of these remarkable photographs are collected in a book published by Abbeville Press.

The original edition of the book following the method used for Audubon’s “Birds of America” in the 1840s, was in extra-large “double-elephant” format consisted of five lavishly hand-bound volumes and limited to just ten copies. One of them was donated to the Smithsonian Institution and is on display in the rare-book room of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

To learn more about Jonathan Singer’s life path, his interest to photography and the creation of “Botanica Magnifica”, watch this video.

To date there is no official active site or social account in Jonathan Singer’s name.  


Flor Garduño – ‘Witnesses of Time’

Flor Garduño’s series ‘Witnesses of Time’ – capturing the spirituality of the Indian cosmos as a unique perception of time where past, present and future blend simultaneously, so that mankind feels the eternity of the universe.

Flor Garduño - Witnesses of Time

Flor Garduño – Witnesses of Time


The project was realized in the years 1983-1991, recording as witnesses to the secrets of time margins, landscapes, architecture, religious ceremonies and social events in ritual towns in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, as well as portraits of ordinary people and their daily life rhythm and customs.

Central and South America are the places to which the artist’s soul is deeply connected emotionally and culturally, and by compressing the limited with infinite in a single image, she gives life to mystical archetypes and long established traditions as an integral part of the modern world.

The series is available as a photo book.


Charles Grogg – ‘Pictures of Film’

Charles Grogg’s series ‘Pictures of Film’ – the idea of the landscape as internal imagery: quiet, honest and transparent.

“Our vision is mysterious and extraordinary in its capacity to insist that there is always something there… I am most interested in the fundamental rejection of the apparent by photographs, in the idea that pictures hold their meaning in abeyance, the way the unconscious— to a trained and curious mind—is clearly visible in our actions but otherwise elusive. In this sense, even the apparent accidental arrival at meaning in the pictures seems destined, as if I had been after these images without understanding them.”

Charles Grogg - Pictures of Film

Charles Grogg – Pictures of Film


Simen Johan – ‘Until the Kingdom Comes’

Simen Johan’s series ‘Until the Kingdom Comes’ – merging documentary imagery and digital manipulation of animals in new environments to convey contradictory effect between opposing forces that are simultaneously familiar and absurd, natural and artificial, serene and eerie, primal and mindful.

“I often feel like I am attempting to reconcile the irreconcilable as I explore the paradoxical nature of existence.”

Simen Johan -  Until the Kingdom Comes

Simen Johan – Until the Kingdom Comes


“Until the Kingdom Comes’ refers less to religious or natural kingdoms and more to the human fantasy that one day, in some way, life will come to a blissful resolution … In a reality where understanding is not finite and in all probability never will be, I depict ‘living’ as an emotion-fueled experience, engulfed in uncertainty, desire and illusion.”


Simen Johan -  Until the Kingdom Comes

Simen Johan – Until the Kingdom Comes


The photographs are collected in a photo book.


Xavi Bou – ‘Ornitographies’

“What would look like if our perception of time was different?” asks Spanish photographer Xavi Bou in his series ‘Ornitographies‘.

Xavi Bou - Ornitographies

Xavi Bou – Ornitographies


He spent a few years capturing different bird species soaring around the Catalonia region for this project more interested in the visual aesthetics of those unnoticed moments rather than an interest in the science behind bird movements.

“Ornitographies is a balance between art and science; a nature-based dissemination project and a visual poetry exercise but above all, an invitation to perceive the world with the same curious and innocent look of the child we once were.”


Bill Clark – ‘Front Lines’

Bill Clark’s series ‘Front Lines’ – drawing the light with camera dance

“This intensive grouping is aimed at inspiring thoughts and feelings of conflict on many levels. The tension between light and dark, boldness and grace, accident and intention, are depicted in a literal reality. In a deeper sense, however, it is my aim to also reference a more universal theme of struggle, as political, social, and, religious conflict effects an ever-widening population on our planet.”

Bill Clark - Front Lines

Bill Clark – Front Lines


“Abstract images communicate not so much through the eyes, but with a deeper part of our being. First the brain attempts to assemble the parts of the image and reference them to some piece of reality. Curiosity then takes its turn with, “What is it a picture of?” or “How was this picture taken?” And finally, after failing to find answers, a sense of wonder falls over the viewer as the brain relaxes, and imagination takes charge, reflecting on the emotions that have been stirred by the spontaneous visual eloquence of line, rhythm, and form.

The technique used draws from the other interpretative arts. While taking the photograph, the camera moves with my body in the gestures of dance. The images are similar to a performance, in that while the subject in front of the camera may be the same, there can never be two shots that are identical. There is a sense of poetry as the sweeping lines and forms suggest a metaphor for a range of emotions. And many photographs are similar to other two-dimensional arts, where light is used as the “medium” for detailed drawings, and complex paintings.”

Daniella Zalcman – ‘New York + London’

Daniella Zalcman‘s series ‘New York + London‘ –  “a love letter to two beautiful cities” as a new vision of home.

After living several years in New York the photographer relocated to London in 2012.

“I created this series of double exposures to map the intersections between two sets of streets and skylines. The resulting images are part New York, part London, and collectively represent my vision of home… New York + London explores place, memory, and identity through architecture and nostalgia… My hope is that in the noise and silence, everyone will find something that feels like home”

Daniella Zalcman - New York + London

Daniella Zalcman – New York + London



JP and Mike Andrews – ‘Abstract Aerial Art’

Abstract Aerial Art’ by two UK brothers, JP and Mike Andrews – bizarre photographs of rarely seen places and structures captured with a drone offering a new perspective of our beautiful planet.

“The point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above… We find it fascinating how an aerial view completely changes the way we see something from ground level”

JP and Mike Andrews - Abstract Aerial Art

JP and Mike Andrews – Abstract Aerial Art


“The story began back in October 2016 with a discussion in a pub about investing in a drone. Two weeks later and with no planning whatsoever, we brought a one way ticket to Australia. Arriving in Sydney and finding ourselves a second hand vehicle, we set off into the Australian outback with no survival skills at all, to film and photograph remote Australia. Not long into our trip, we came to realise we had a vast number of extremely unusual images which we had no idea what to do with, yet wanted to share with the world. As a result, Abstract Aerial Art was born.”


Petros Koublis – ‘Selene’

Petros Koublis’s series ‘Selene’ – The moment of transcendent silence when our world passes the limits and becomes one with the infinite Universe, an illumination of our common memory.

“Our world is celestial, sharing the same origin with the space that embraces our skies. Mountains and seas, the most familiar objects of our immediate experience still carry within them the magic of distant worlds. For this is one, inseparable landscape… The mind merges with the vastness of the Universe and for a moment there is no space or time, only the wonder of existence.”

Petros Koublis - Selene

Petros Koublis – Selene


Jeffrey Conley – ‘Winter’

Jeffrey Conley’s series ‘Winter’ – capturing in a meditative simplicity the magic of pure white of snow and the silent frozen beauty of winter.

Jeffrey Conley - Winter

Jeffrey Conley – Winter


“Having grown up in the northeastern United States, I can vividly remember the childhood feeling of waking up on a Winters’ morning and looking out the window at a magical, snow covered world. I was enthralled with the ethereal qualities of snow: how it defined and transformed objects, reflected light, and how it softened sound. Over the years as a photographer I have continued to be captivated and inspired by the simple, transcendent, yet austere winter landscape… These photographs are the result of my journeys and observations, and have provided an intense personal peace that I hope is felt by others.”


Jeffrey Conley - Winter

Jeffrey Conley – Winter


The photographs are collected in a photo book