Jan Harbon – in the realm of the flowers

If anybody still is not convinced that the flowers are the most beautiful creatures on earth, viewing the magnificent watercolour drawings of the English illustrator Jan Harbon will definitely tip the scales in their favor.

Reminiscent of a vintage florilegium, her works are likewise colourful and detailed, but more vivid and tender. It is obvious that she really loves these gorgeous plants and not simply reproducing them as a meticulous botanical draughtsman.

Which flower is her favourite… Poppies? Tulips? Or maybe irises? Whatever it is, she will paint it with reverence and admiration to its divineness.

For more of her works and details about purchasing, visit her official site.

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Des Brophy – dancing in the rain

I could not help smiling seeing the works of Des Brophy, but reading also their joky titles, I could not longer refrain from laughing. They complement each other perfectly to reveal a palette of cheerful characters inspired from the local society – drunks, sports’ fans, gossips, female competitors for “the guy”  or just ordinary men simply enjoying their time in the pubs far from the women presence. The artist imprints in his paintings trivial scenes he is used to see daily, but presents them from the funny side with his humorous vision.

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Gaëlle Boissonnard – and her ethereal world

Gaëlle Boissonnard’s beautiful postcards enchant immediately when you look at them. The creations of the French illustrator are so delicate and ethereal that invite the viewer to transfer him into a world of magic and faery tales. Just follow silently the light of the lanterns … and the story will begin.

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Vanessa Bowman – the beauty of the still life in just a few colours

Vanessa Bowman is a British “contemporary artist in oils” as is written in her web site. However, she is more than this formal description.

With limited palette of colours and variety of patterns in each of her paintings, she creates a quiet and beautiful reflection of our daily life. Her works are like pieces from a mosaic that follows the ordinary path of nature, and of course our own lives: winter, spring, summer, autumn, primroses, pansies, lemons, tangerines and  so on. Life goes on and cherish each day of it is that subtle feeling one could sense enjoying Mrs Bowman’s art.

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Some of her works are also published as postcards.


Louise Rawlings – Mrs Spotty Wellies, Alfie and … the life is beautiful

Louise Rawlings is another talented British artist to admire. She grown up and still leaves in Birmingham with her family. Mrs Rawlings states that she could be inspired by anything but it seems that her dog Alfie is her greatest ‘muse’. Each of their  daily walking turns into a journey needed to be told in pictures.

Visit Louise Rawling’s official web site  for more of her works and information where could be purchased.

Sam Toft – Mr EH Mustard & family

Sam Toft is a young and very talented British illustrator. While searching for the dream job that not only makes us happy but gives us meaning to our lives, she experimented with a lot of different kind of works. When finally one fine day her lucky stars guided her to the magnificent world of painting and drawing. And here came the help from the friends. Her imaginary fellows since childhood allowed her to reproduce their daily life and through her unique way of expression, she creates a striking gallery of beautifully told stories. That’s what friends are for! Enjoying her postcards, honestly, who wouldn’t jealous for having such a company.

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Don’t miss to see the catalogue for 2013, Lucky 13. It is amazing!  –

Crispin Korschen – The barking mad world

Crispin Korschen

Crispin Korschen


Crispin Korschen is an artist who comes from New Zealand and describes herself as “a lover of all things quirky”. To sustain this statement, here are some of her whimsical greeting cards, but her bizarre style could be recognized as well in all her other works.

“Painting gives me the opportunity to bring to life the characters and images roaming in my head. The stories told by my art works are either my own, inspired from observations and my experiences, or expressions of my restless curiosity”.


Inge Löök – Merry Aunties

Inge Löök - Merry Aunties

Inge Löök – Merry Aunties


Inge Löök was born in 1951 and comes from Finland. She is a gardener when it is warm outside and an illustrator when it is cold and rains. Nature is her main inspiration as well as two cheerful ladies who were next door neighbours in her childhood. Admiring  their constant energy for life, she created a beautiful series of these sappy ‘aunties’ as they enjoy every moment and always having fun together. 

Explore Inge Löök’s official site, where her works are available for purchase as postcards, calendars, tote bags, card sets, pillow cases and match boxes and follow her on Facebook not to omit new comings.