Kate Ballis – ‘Glace Noir’

Kate Ballis‘s series ‘Glace Noir‘ – glaciers’ patterns & texture converted as surreal mysterious dreamscape

Kate Ballis - Glace Noir

Kate Ballis – Glace Noir


“I love playing with light, complexity and finding beauty in the darkness and shadows. I like the notion of making the unseen, seen. With my fine art photography I’ve been experimenting with the patterns and textures found within the natural world, combining scale and context to create images that, while being wholly grounded in reality, feel other-wordly.”


Mona Kuhn – ‘Private’

Mona Kuhn‘s series “Private“.

“The desert’s seductive threat is always there. It menaces from the edges. Look at the signature image of this book, a dusty room glimpsed out of focus through a glass door bearing the words ‘PRIVATE’ in reverse. A view of sultry enigma, a chamber beyond which the brightness of the sun is coming to devour everything and take the mystery with it” (from an essay ‘Stardust‘ by David Campany)

photography, Mona Kuhn, Private, photobook

Mona Kuhn – Private


The series is published in a book by Steidl.


Paloma Rincón – ‘Freezing Flowers’

Paloma Rincón‘s series “Freezing Flowers” – “Flowers have been represented all through Art History as part of paintings, mosaic or sculptures having it´s more important and independent period in the XIX century. I wanted to feature this classic subject-matter using some of the particularities of it´s own language and technique and at the same time giving it a more contemporary approach, playing with ice geometries in a juxtaposition of textures and materials.”

Paloma Rincón - Freezing Flowers

Paloma Rincón – Freezing Flowers


M. Apparition – ‘Nest’

M. Apparition‘s series ‘Nest‘ – “A nest means security, comfort; one’s first home. Just as any home can crumble, some of the Nests are broken: the safety of home — as it should be — as opposed to the the realization that “home” is extremely vulnerable. This dichotomy is evinced in the unique prints: the flawless gloss of the black c-paper and the destruction necessary to realize these images.”

 photography, nest, MApparition

M. Apparition – Nest


Zoe Kimpton – ‘They and Theirs’

Zoe Kimpton‘s ‘They and Theirs‘ is a series of illustrative portraits that depict the subjects as imagined characters. Matched to particular objects they pose within a constructed environment. In a painterly fashion the portraits a styled according to a delicate pastel palette. Surreal elements and a sense of the bizarre blur the edge between fantasy and reality. Quirky aesthetic and subtle humour also come into play throughout the series.

photography, Zoe Kimpton, portraits

Zoe Kimpton – They and Theirs


Mikko Lagerstedt – Capturing emotion of places through photographs

Since 2008 by capturing the distinctive light of the amazing Finnish landscapes Mikko Lagerstedt has created visually and emotionally interesting pictures with main themes like the frozen beauty of his country, the starry sky or himself as a distant silhouette to portray solitude.

“My very first inspiration towards photography came to me when I was driving on a summer’s eve to my relative’s cabin. After a rainy day, the sun started shining, and the fog was rising in the fields. I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment and then I realized that I want to start capturing these kinds of moments.”

Mikko Lagerstedt - Capturing emotion of places through photographs

Mikko Lagerstedt – Capturing emotion of places through photographs