Carol Inez Charney – ‘After Painting’

Carol Inez Charney’s series ‘After Painting‘ – reinterpreting the work of classic iconic paintings, refracted by water to reassemble a new point of view about these paintings through photography.

“For me the water is the veil that allows the past and the present to collide. Initially I was working with the camera’s ability to selectively focus, though this has now led me to working with the idea of taking details out of context from the whole and then reassembling them to create a new visual conversation about a particular painting.”

The paintings the artist was inspired are works by Leonardo, Van Eyck, Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Chagall and Picasso.

Carol Inez Charney - After Painting

Carol Inez Charney – After Painting


“The ‘After’ designation refers to the art-historian’s way of labeling copies of old artworks made by admiring younger artists, a common practice before the advent of photography, and a way of paying homage to and learning from the past: Van Gogh copied Rubens, and Rubens copied Leonardo, and so on.” (An essay by Dewitt Cheng)