Bastiaan Woudt – ‘Karawan’

Bastiaan Woudt’s ‘Karawan’ – refined images from a “land of languid heat, soaring landscapes and intriguing people”, filled with feelings, emotions and dynamics. Morocco still continues to cast a spell on its visitors and the Dutch photographer was also enchanted by it but saw this colourful country through his own black and white, contrast, grain and blur signature style.

“In 2016 I was awarded the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation Grant, which gave me the opportunity to do a new project about an inspirational trip to a country of my choice. I considered all of Africa’s countries, but Morocco quickly stood out: I really loved the thought of a country where the people and the landscapes are so varied that it can feel like you’re somewhere different every day. The diversity of people, scenery and cultures is really special. When you’ve traveled Morocco, you have the feeling you’ve seen seven different countries. Absolutely amazing.”

Bastiaan Woudt - Karawan

Bastiaan Woudt – Karawan


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