Barbara Cole – ‘Meditations’

Barbara Cole’s series ‘Meditations’ – underwater romantic painterly abstractions in testing the nature of photography and its impact on our experience of reality.

Barbara Cole - Meditations

Barbara Cole – Meditations


“Water allows me to move the human figure in unconventional ways. Photography affords me the ability to play with notions of time and place. By seeing through water, rather than through air, I am able to re-envision the nature of our relationship to our surroundings. Working in the water also provides an ideal space to continue to explore figurative. It also allows me to refocus attention on this natural resource that we have in abundance and is often taken for granted…The indistinctness of the human figure, the irregularity of the frame in which it appears and the ephemeral atmosphere all echo, for me, the fleeting impression of life reflected in water.”