Anne Charlotte Guinot – ‘Red Blood’

Anne Charlotte Guinot’s series ‘Red Blood’ (Sangre Rojo) – a powerful series of beautiful landscapes in Mexico tainted with red symbolizing blood, in questioning the hidden contradiction of human nature, though shaped and infused by the magic of a given scenery, yet is capable of extreme and inexplicable violence.

Anne Charlotte Guinot - Red Blood

Anne Charlotte Guinot – Red Blood


The series refers to a sudden disappearance of 43 male students from the Rural Teachers’ College in Ayotzinapa, a small Mexican village, in September 2014. The reason for their kidnapping remains unclear as well as their destiny. Only two of them have been identified up to date, while the rest are still missing.

“People (in Mexico) are incredibly sweet and nice, but there is also a lot of contrasts… At first, it looks perfectly normal, but if you open your heart, you know it is not… If your gather each of my pictures titles, you will end up with the name AYOTZINAPA. The 43 may be gone, but they will not be forgotten”.