Petros Koublis – ‘In dreams’

Petros Koublis‘ series ‘In dreams’ – “There are limits to our perception, therefore we are not able to fully perceive what is essentially mind-independent, free of form, shape and definition. We are bound to keep addressing a mental version of reality, limited within the confines of our understanding. Through Mythology the human spirit could philosophically approach those remote areas of a system much bigger than what we are able to perceive. As if through Myths, our spirit is able to overcome the boundaries of the mind and expose our intuition to a much greater reality, letting us lift the veil for a moment and feel what lies underneath. These primordial narratives are not attempting an interpretation of the unknown, but they offer an accumulation of the human experience, they talk about the history of the Psyche, the age-long dreams of young humanity. Then, in the form of a lucid dream, they reveal the archetypes that connect us with the most distant areas of our spirit, where the seeds of our evolution were first planted into the fertile soil of imagination. Beauty can be applied both to the visible and the intelligible world, without losing its perceptible attributes…”

Petros Koublis – In dreams


Source – artist statement.


Sybren Vanoverberghe – ‘2099’

Sybren Vanoverberghe – 2099


Sybren Vanoverberghe‘s series ‘2099’ – “images of remembrance linked to my perception on the constant evolution of history and its repetitive character. Deconstructed places and manipulated icons are working on an associative basis to create a new overview of the present. I am experimenting with what is staged and what is not and how a photographer can interfere in the landscape by working on an underlying lyricism in the images. The work can both be seen as a prophecy for the future as well as a desire to the past. Some photographs are taken by chance and close to home, other were chosen to photograph on fixed historical locations and metropoles.”

Sybren Vanoverberghe – 2099


Sybren Vanoverberghe – 2099


The series is published in a book by Art Paper Editions and can be viewed here

Source – artist statement.


Miho Kajioka – ‘As It Is’

Miho Kajioka’s series ‘As It Is’  – capturing the passage of time inspired by Japanese aesthetics of the empty space and the concept of fleeting, fragile beauty of the changing seasons.

“These fragments of my life, from various periods and against changing backdrops, are not so different from each other, and the differences that remain aren’t important. Happiness, sadness, beauty and tragedy only exist in our minds. Things are just as they are.”

Miho Kajioka – As It Is


In the spring, cherry blossoms,

In the summer the cuckoo,

In autumn the moon, and in

Winter the snow, clear, cold.

Zen monk Dogen


Source – artist statement.



Alessandro Vasapolli – ‘DéVoilées’


“Photographs should be like memories: a little imprecise, to leave room for the imagination of the beholder”


Alessandro Vasapolli – DéVoilées


Alessandro Vasapolli’s series ‘DéVoilées’ – painting the aura of female mystery.

27 female portraits from behind where layers of veils that “appear to drop from the sky, pierced by a gleam that alights and overflows like water on a riverbank” evoke the imagination of the viewer … “And we immerse ourselves in an emotional universe, it is incumbent on us to weave threads together. Our task is to lift the veils, to search for a secret path, an unveiling.” (Valerio Consonni)


Alessandro Vasapolli – DéVoilées


The images are without post-production and are published in a book.


Florian Richter – ‘Alps’

Florian Richter‘s series ‘Alps‘ – “In my still, deserted images, I see myself as following in the tradition of romantic landscape painters. I always strive to capture rhythm and structure, to portray the qualities of a landscape, which do not so much concern to recognizability or topography of a place but rather it appearance. The light shapes content and structure. This is the fundamental precondition for my work.

Florian Richter – Alps


I´m not aiming to document the reality and what there is, but instead I focus on the vision and the idea of landscape that we carry within us. In other words, these photographic events are not a portrayal of reality, but rather the draw individual perception into the heart of my interest. My pictures are painting, drawing and photography in one. They are that which seem them leads us to find in ourselves.

The series ‘Alps’ is ongoing, started in 2010″

Florian Richter – Alps


Special thanks to the photographer for the statement.


Camilla Anne Jerome – ‘Anhedonia’

Camilla Anne Jerome’s series ‘Anhedonia’ – “My perception is real. Across these layers of grief and guilt, I search for more than just answers to endless questions. Pain radiates throughout my every fiber yet, you cannot see it. I am dismissed by each doctor as pleasure is overshadowed by my condition. Through the evolution of acceptance, I reclaim my body only to be left with Anhedonia*.”


Camilla Anne Jerome - Anhedonia

Camilla Anne Jerome – Anhedonia


Camilla Anne Jerome - Anhedonia

Camilla Anne Jerome – Anhedonia


Camilla Anne Jerome - Anhedonia

Camilla Anne Jerome – Anhedonia


Source artist statement.

*People who experience anhedonia have lost interest in activities they used to enjoy and have a decreased ability to feel pleasure.


Petr Lovigin – ‘My Louis’

Inspired by fairy tales and dreams Petr Lovigin sends in his series ‘My Louis‘ the icon of American jazz, Louis Armstrong, as a fictional character, to imaginary journey over mythological Russian landscape. Printed on background of books with Tibetan prayer symbols, the artist travels the young musician with a suitcase and the beloved trumpet in hands into a universe far away from the everyday life playing his most famous song to remind us after all ‘What a Wonderful World’ it is.

Petr Lovigin – My Louis


Matthew Brandt – ‘Silver’

Matthew Brandt’s series ‘Silver’ –  in his constant artistic search to establish a new way of unique interaction between the material reality and the visual one, he coated with a liquid silver his silver gelatin prints of forest landscapes, creating an extra layer with a mirror surface to reflect the perception and  connects closer the observer with the image. The flowing traces it left veils the forest with a sense of enigma alluring to become part of it. What is behind these silky watercolours –  a mystical magic place, decaying nature or …

Matthew Brandt – Silver


Mona Kuhn – ‘She Disappeared into Complete Silence’

Mona Kuhn’s series ‘She Disappeared into Complete Silence’ – abstracting the present in a fusion of illusions where lines and shapes, light and shadows, delicate reflections and a single person blend into one along with the landscape of Californian desert.

The artist “turns in a highly austere and restrained reductionist geometry and distilled formal purity, connecting the interior to the exterior, the visible to the hidden. These reflections cause one to linger, as they merge to create a dynamic equilibrium of tension, space and rhythms.” (Salvador Nadales)

Mona Kuhn - She Disappeared into Complete Silence

Mona Kuhn – She Disappeared into Complete Silence


The series is published in her 6th photo book, all by Steidl.


Michael Wolf – ‘Paris Tree Shadows’

Michael Wolf’s series ‘Paris Tree Shadows’ – the artist’s passion for collecting repeated patterns in contemporary megapolis inspired him to point his lens to the simple beauty of daily life in urban cities, created by shadows of tree brunches and trunks over Parisian buildings. Composed in the rhythm of noir style there is also a sense of a drama like in a classic mystery combined with the tenderness of poetry and a quiet admiration of the power of surviving nature.

Michael Wolf - Paris Tree Shadows

Michael Wolf – Paris Tree Shadows